In Digital Business,
Real-time agility is essential.

BAM ensures up-to-date information on Asset is available to trigger immediate actions.


  • Real-time asset tracking.

  • Achieve Complete Accuracy.

  • Operate with more efficiency.

  • Forecast Spending and Budgets.

  • Understand the role, utility and obtain ROI for the asset, for effective operations.

  • Identify and eliminate ghost assets or dispose them to save on operational cost.

  • BAM enables complete accuracy with multiple authorisation and role based access controls.

  • Mobile App basedusability and ability to scan input and search for any asset with built-in Dashboard and Audit trail.


Pricing for OnGO-BAM

  • FREE

    • Upto 500 Assets

    • Single Asset
    • Bulk Upload
    • Real-time Dashboard
    • Unlimited Reports
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  • Rs 7.95*

    • More Than 500-100k Assets
    • Custom Bulk Upload
    • Unlimited Reports
    • Real-time Dashboard
    • Audit Trail

    * denotes Price per Asset for Fiscal year i.e., April 2020-21. Applicable taxes.

  • For Enterprise

    • 1L+ Assets
    • SSO
    • On-Prem Deployment
    • API Integrations
    • Customizations