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Enterprise Applications on Blockchain

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    ONGO-BAM (Blockchain Asset Management)    BUY NOW

    Derive more value, optimize your assets utilization. More

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    ONGO-ROM (Real-time Operations Management)

    Automate your operations, improve your ROI. More

AI Infused Mobile Apps

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    QuaranTime Covid Tracking App

    Covid Patients tracking App for Officials with face tracking enabled.

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    Blockchain based Voting app for Safe Voting with 100% authencity with facial based verification.

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    Blockchain based KYC mechanism for banks to maintain users on secure network and save time.



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    Built on Secured & Immutable data records-Blockchain.

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    Open API based, Real time operations and accessible across all devices.

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    Micro services based for scalability, Modular architecture with Geo-Tagging for reliability.

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    Integrate with your applications, systems and tools, for seamless view & flow of Data in an organization.


  • Platform focused and Purpose built that integrates Business functions, technology process in providing Web-enabled & Mobile Friendly Interfaces.

  • OPEN API based for seamless connectivity and accessibility across Tech tools.

  • Clear Roadmap & framework for Integration of IOT and AI led initiatives.

Customer's Testimonial

  • "Great Product. Timely Delivery and on-demand support. Highly Customized Product with all the features asked for."

    Pankaj Mishra,
    BNP Paribas,IT Head

  • "Great Service and On-time work. All the projects were very well worked upon and implemented."

    Team GP,

  • "Featured in top 10 Coronathon Projects for developing Quarantime App for Tracking prople under quarantine during the Covid-19 Pandemic for assisting authorities."
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  • "Team Enrich assisted Indian Army to manage their assets seamlessly."

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